Scarlet Nexus made an unforgettable impression when it was presented previously this year. With excellent visuals and elegant battle, this action/RPG appears both familiar and weird; Scarlet Nexus originates from a number of the very same minds behind Tales of Vesperia, however the special opponents and sci-fi property make it feel various from Bandai Namco’s standard dream series.

In this futuristic world, frightening animals called Others periodically rain below the sky, threatening the people of New Himuka. Others are haunting crosses of living animals and inanimate things, like elephants and horses incorporated with trees and metal cages. They are relentless and beast-like, however the risk is kept in check by the Other Suppression Force (OSF), which has the ability to anticipate these attacks and release elite soldiers to keep individuals safe. Yuito Sumeragi belongs to the OSF and Scarlet Nexus’ lead character – and we got to see him in action throughout a current demonstration.

Yuito has the power of psychokinesis, which enables him to get things in the environment and toss them at opponents from afar. He likewise has a sword for short-range attacks, so the battle system depends upon gamers rotating these attacks to keep the pressure on opponents. In one encounter, we see Yuito flinging a vehicle at an Other, increasing close for a sword combination, then following up by tossing another piece of particles. Your usage of psychokinesis is restricted by a gauge, so you can’t simply constantly remain at a safe range; you require to charge the meter by scoring some hits with your sword.


Bandai Namco calls Scarlet Nexus a “brainpunk” video game, however not just due to the fact that of Yuito’s power. Other OSF representatives likewise have unique capabilities, and when they partner with Yuito, he has the ability to obtain that power to enhance his own attacks. For example, one celebration member called Hanabi appears to be pyrokinetic, due to the fact that when her assistance is triggered, Yuito’s routine neon-colored attacks develop into an intense slashes that culminate in a little, flaming twister. But Hanabi is likewise able to combat autonomously, and the “fight at will” setting we see under her name in the menu screen suggests that you can tailor ally habits to a degree. We likewise get a quick take a look at the ability tree, called the brain map, that lets you boost your powers.

This gameplay demonstration was the most we’ve seen of Scarlet Nexus because its launching, and it brings the action into sharper focus. However, the story and systems still hold secrets that we won’t comprehend till the video game releases. Bandai Namco hasn’t revealed a precise release date yet, so begin your brain workouts now to ensure your mind is prepared when Scarlet Nexus hits.