The word is out that some publishers are altering that once-sacrosanct rate point of $60 to $70 for the next-generation. The waters given that the days of pulling a paper slip off the wall at a merchant and strolling it as much as the sales register have actually been muddied a fair bit. Often you’re not even getting the “complete video game” any longer with that preliminary price, as DLCs, fight passes, and other cash-gated experiences become part of a full-price title.

So where does it end? If you could understand for sure that you could get an “whole video game” for $100, would that be a great rate? How about $150? Is it much better that the preliminary expense of the video game is kept down under the $100 price to keep them inexpensive, keeping addons and extra material offered for purchase? The future is swarming with possibilities where innovation becomes its own arbiter of material and control, so possibly there are other options to basic rate boosts.

The monster of microtransactions has actually been loose and wild for several years now, and I question any type of tranquilizer can put it back in its cage, however the theoretical price for a complete experience is an interesting subject. No DLC, no loot boxes, no perk pack material, whatever begins the first day. What does that price appear like to you? $200? Would anybody even think about paying such a thing for a video game or are we much more comfy with other money making choices layered on the in advance expense?