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6 Things We Learned About Neo: The World Ends With You

6 Things We Learned About Neo: The World Ends With You

Fans of The World Ends With You have actually waited 14 years for a follow up, and their perseverance will lastly be rewarded this June with the launch of Neo: The World Ends With You. The video game occurs 3 years after the occasions of the initial cult classic and presents a brand-new lead character in Rindo, a revamped Reapers’ Game, and reimagines the original’s 2D fight and expedition into a brand-new 3D design. What hasn’t altered is the series’ elegant art instructions and soundtrack, scored when again by author Takeharu Ishimoto. 

We’ve been chewing at the bit to get more information about what Neo requires, so we took a seat with the dev group at Square Enix to obtain more details about the expected follow-up. Here’s 6 things we learnt more about Neo: The World Ends With You.

You Command All Team Members Simultaneously

The greatest distinction in between the Reapers’ Game in Neo compared to the initial is that it’s team-focused. Multiple teams will fight it out in order to climb up the rankings and end up being the leading group of the Reapers’ Game. Meanwhile, the group that puts last will be eliminated from presence.

In fight, gamers manage their whole team, the Wicked Twisters at the same time with each character designated to a particular button. This setup needs to sound familiar to fans of titles like Valkyrie Profile or Indivisible. Hitting a button triggers the designated character to attack, however gamers can likewise push numerous buttons at the very same time to release mix attacks. 

Note my duplicated usage of the word “button”. Unlike the initial, which was managed utilizing a touchscreen, Neo: The World Ends With You has no touch manages whatsoever, even on Switch. You’ll be managing Rindo and his Wicked Twisters utilizing great old made buttons and analog sticks.

Most Of The Pins Are Brand New

Neo’s toolbox of pins is mostly comprised of brand new capabilities. Expect these powers to be as excessive as the previous batch; among these, Angelic Kick, enables gamers to provide an effective aerial kick that can send out challengers careening into walls. The other 2 pins Square has actually verified are Azamaru, a flaming sword slash, and Glacial Getaway, which enables gamers to raise a pillar of ice below opponents. 

That stated, fans can likewise anticipate discovering revamped variations of pins from the very first video game. Though they’ll keep their very same basic function, pins like Entanglement and Flame Blast have actually been recreated in the 3D design. 

Shibuya Is Closer To Life-Size And Has New Side Quests

The change to complete 3D indicates that Shibuya is much larger and closer to scale to its real-life equivalent. It likewise now consists of the Harajuku district. Even though Neo’s story occurs simply 3 years after the very first video game, in truth, Shibuya has actually altered a lot more in the 14 years considering that the last video game launched. Thus, the visual style of the city shows those modifications. 

Neo’s broadened scope likewise enables the advancement group to execute functions it couldn’t include the very first video game. These consist of side objectives that include fixing the issues of Shibuya’s homeowners. We still don’t understand what requires precisely, however we do understand that the video game is still mission-based as a whole. You’ll simply have some more involved activities to inhabit yourself in between primary story beats.

You Can’t Control Rindo’s Replay Ability

Rindo and his buddies each have a particular psychic capability. Rindo’s power is Replay, which enables him to reverse time and re-do particular actions in order to, ideally, produce much better results. This power just appears throughout scripted minutes; it is not an at-will capability. Additionally, Rindo can just utilize Replay when each day. Since the Reapers’ Game occurs throughout a week, gamers need to anticipate to see this power on screen a minimum of 7 times. It’ll be intriguing to see the narrative implications, which Square isn’t disclosing right now. 

There’s No Co-Op

Although the Switch port of The World Ends With You presented a cooperative aspect, Neo will not have any sort of multiplayer aspect whatsoever

Neku Has A Signficant Presence

The newest trailer for Neo teased the return of Neku, the lead character of the previous video game. Fans have actually been hypothesizing about how huge of a function he’ll play in the video game, and we found out that Neku’s participation will be bigger than a simple cameo look. Naturally, Square isn’t spilling the beans on what that indicates precisely, just explaining his function as “essential” which he appears in a “really perfect method”. That stated, don’t anticipate Neku to take the spotlight from Rindo and his colleagues. Square repeats that the Wicked Twisters are quite the centerpiece of Neo’s story.

Neo: The World Ends With You launches June 27 for PlayStation 4 and Switch and concerns PC eventually later on this year. How do you believe the video game is forming up up until now? Let us understand in the remarks! 


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