343 concealed an audio log in its newest Halo Infinite post that has actually definitely captured the attention of Halo story fans.

In the Inside Infinite blog post over at Halo Waypoint, 343 connected to a .wav whose file name starts with “halsey_journal_01”. The simple to miss out on link in the text “stories to be discovered” exposes a discussion in between Master Chief, Catherine Halsey and an unnamed guy.


Secret audio in the latest Inside Infinite article (Halsey and Chief) from r/halo

The discussion recommendations Master Chief’s last encounter with Cortana at the end of Halo 5. Here’s the discussion:

  • Halsey: “How lots of now?”
  • Man: “16 systems closed down up until now, apparently random areas. I’m trying to lock her and the others out of the primary-“
  • Halsey: “You will not have the ability to stop her. She understands more about how this all works than… well, anybody.”
  • Master Chief: “Dr. Halsey.”
  • Halsey: “John.”
  • Master Chief: “What’s the strategy?”
  • Halsey: “The strategy? Right now, we remain in survival mode, once again. Cortana’s message has actually spread out throughout the galaxy, many sentient AI are siding with her.”
  • Master Chief: “Against us?”
  • Halsey: “Yes… But perhaps not you. Tell me John, what was the last thing she stated to you?”
  • Master Chief: “She stated… bye-bye.”

For recommendation, here’s the cutscene in Halo 5 in which Cortana bids farewell to Master Chief (avoid to 21:30):

At the extremely least, this audio log recommends Halo Infinite is not leaving the dissentious Halo 5 behind or retconning it in a significant method. At completion of Halo 5, Cortana triggers to enact her Reclamation strategy. Master Chief and co arrive on Sanghelios to meet Halsey. “Took you enough time,” Halsey states. If the gamer finishes the video game on Legendary, an additional cutscene reveals an unidentified Halo setup powering up while Cortana hums. The video listed below programs everything off:

This brand-new audio log seems like it happens not long after Master Chief arrive at Sanghelios, with he and Halsey ready to outline some type of fightback versus Cortana.

Microsoft has actually launched Halo Infinite’s opening cutscene, listed below. In it, Master Chief is discovered drifting in area. After his awakening, Master Chief prepares to arrive on Zeta Halo.

We do not understand much about Halo Infinite’s story, however we do understand it focuses on Master Chief this time, the action will be set on Zeta Halo, and the Banished from Halo Wars 2 and Cortana are included. In 343’s post, Halo Infinite project art lead Justin Dinges stated: “Players will not just experience the instant story of Chief’s rekindling to challenge the Banished and Cortana however if they take a look around, they might discover peeks of the future too.”

It’ll be fascinating to find how Master Chief goes from talking to Halsey in relative security to drifting in area, adrift. Perhaps we’ll learn by means of collectible audio logs like this one.