Home News 2K Responds To NBA 2K21 Unskippable In-Game Ad Backlash

2K Responds To NBA 2K21 Unskippable In-Game Ad Backlash

2K Responds To NBA 2K21 Unskippable In-Game Ad Backlash

Earlier today, 2K remained in the spot once again when NBA 2K21 gamers saw unskippable advertisements that avoided them from making modifications while in the lobby. Now, the publisher is reacting to the unfavorable feedback by stating the positioning was not intented which it will be “repaired” quickly. 

2K required to the video game’s authorities Twitter account to thank gamers for their feedback with the following declaration connected: “As lots of understand, recently advertisements have actually been incorporated in 2KTV sections. Yesterday’s 2KTV advertisement positioning affected our gamers’ experience in such a way we didn’t mean, as these advertisements are not implied to run as part of the pre-game intro. This will be repaired in future episodes, thanks for your ongoing feedback.”

This isn’t the very first time that unskippable advertisements were a problem in the NBA 2K series and the truth that it occurred once again is what had actually lots of gamers distressed. The disturbance with in-game choice likewise triggered aggravation, on top of the concept of advertisements for a video game that costs $60 at retail; $70 if purchasing for next gen. 

It appears like 2K isn’t intending on getting rid of the advertisements completely, rather merely moving them around. It will be fascinating to see what the action will be from fans relating to the declaration and at which point these financial choices will affect the variety of sales seen within this franchise. 

What do you consider the unskippable NBA 2K21 advertisements and the reacting reaction? Do you believe 2K’s action is appropritate, or not adequate provided previous history? Sound off with your ideas in the remark area listed below and inform us what you believe. 


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