Kena: Bridge of Spirits is our newest cover-story video game, and we’ve committed 14 pages in our problem to Ember Lab’s experience title. We’re sure you have a lot of concerns about the video game, that made its launching throughout Sony’s PlayStation 5 expose occasion. We definitely did, so we invested a number of days talking with the group and seeing the video game in action (on PlayStation 5 hardware!), and we have responses to a few of the greatest concerns we saw drifting around online.

Who is Kena?
Kena is the hero of the video game. More particularly, she’s a spirit guide – an individual with an unique present who can assist assist uneasy spirits to a serene end. In Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ tradition, individuals who have actually suffered terrific injury or who have unsettled company can stick around in between the physical and spirit world, triggering problem for normal (living) individuals. Kena’s task is to comprehend what’s keeping them from carrying on and assisting them fix up previous occasions.

Does that suggest if she passes away in the video game she will reside on in limbo as an uneasy spirit since she wasn’t able to assist other spirits while she lived? Unfinished company, and all?
Oh. That’s an excellent concern. I have no concept how to respond to that. Maybe ask something simpler?

How do you pronounce her name?
It’s noticable KAY-nuh. Whew!

Does Kena talk? 
Yep! Her voice performing wasn’t completed in the demonstration, however Ember Lab’s chief imaginative officer, Mike Grier, informed us that she has plenty to state. Kena is being played by a starlet who likewise sings on 
numerous of the soundtrack’s tunes.

Where are we, anyhow?
Bridge of Spirits is embeded in an imaginary location that’s an homage to a range of various Eastern areas. You’ll discover nods to Japan, Bali, and other locations in the geographical functions and architecture. Kena’s not from the location she checks out in the video game, either. She needed to take a trip rather a range to arrive. Mike jokes that she didn’t ride her bike over, to provide you a sense of how far she’s come.

What’s up with those little men we saw in the trailer?
Those are the Rot, and they’re a vital part of the video game – both in regards to gameplay and the story. As Kena circumnavigates, she can discover them concealed on the planet (believe concealed Toads in a Paper Mario video game), and they’ll join her. That name isn’t simply coincidental. They’re responsible for decaying things, and the truth that they’ve been spread is among the reasons this area has actually ended up being polluted with corruption.

What can they do?
Lots of things! Outside of battle, Kena can direct them to move things around to assist her. Can’t cross a huge space? Maybe they can pull a damaged bridge back into shape briefly. Can’t climb to that ledge? They can navigate a block into position and provide her an increase. In battle, Kena can take advantage of the Rot to sidetrack opponents or instill her attacks with unique power. The Rot are shy by nature, nevertheless, and gamers will need to construct their nerve by destructive opponents prior to they’ll go into the battle.

They can go into the battle? Uh oh. Can they pass away?
Nope! Mike doesn’t desire gamers to see the Rot as a consumable resource; as soon as you discover a Rot, they’re part of the group permanently. You don’t require to fret about digging small little tombs or anything morbid like that.

What can Kena do?
She can do great deals of things. Besides utilizing her personnel’s standard light, heavy, and charged attacks, she can get an upgrade that flexes the personnel and turns it into a bow. On defense, she can utilize a pulse capability to develop a bubble-like guard around her. It has its own health meter, which gets diminished by opponent attacks. If she times its activation properly, it will stagger opponents and make them more prone to attack.

Some of that sounds type of familiar. Is this like a 3D Zelda?
If you got those sort of vibes from the trailer, you’re not far off. There’s absolutely a 3D Zelda impact in the video game, which shouldn’t come as a surprise thinking about an earlier Ember Lab job… [LINK TO MAJORA’S MASK FILM]

Is there any type of character modification?
We didn’t see Kena placed on various clothes or get any cosmetic upgrades throughout our demonstration. Players can equip the Rot with a range of various hats, nevertheless. Those can be discovered on the planet, and gamers can buy hats for private members of the Rot team by investing gems that are likewise discovered on the planet.

Are there microtransactions?

That sounds actually charming. Is there going to be a method for me to record how charming my group looks?
If you’re inquiring about a picture mode, the group shares your interest. Josh states the studio wishes to consist of such a mode, however they can’t state whether that function will make it in time for launch or if it would come through a later upgrade.

What engine did they construct this with?
Weird concern, however Ember Lab constructed Kena: Bridge of Spirits with Unreal 4. An earlier model was integrated in Unity, however advancement moved over to Unreal.

Is this an open-world video game?
Nope! You’ll come across a town relatively early on in the video game, which functions as a center. From there, you can take a trip to a number of linked areas. Think of it as being broad linear. There are tricks to discover and things to find off the primary course, however it’s not an open-world video game.

What is the benefit of PS5 vs PS4?
We just saw the video game working on PlayStation 5, so we can’t provide any side-by-side contrasts, however there are distinctions in between the PS4 and PS5 variations. One of the most significant is the variety of Rot that you’ll see onscreen. On PS5, all of them can be noticeable concurrently. On PS4, you’ll still have the ability to gather all 100 of them on the planet, however you’ll see less of them at a time. They won’t be any less efficient in battle or throughout puzzle resolving, however there won’t be as much of them noticeable simultaneously. Also, the forests and general foliage is denser on PlayStation 5.

How long is it?
It’s difficult to put a specific number on this, since of the variety of side activities, however Josh states they set out to make something gamers might conveniently complete over a weekend.

How much does it cost?
Kena: Bridge of Spirits isn’t going to be priced at $60. We don’t understand the precise rate yet, however it won’t cost as much as a conventional full-priced retail video game. If you purchase it on PS4, you can update the video game to PS5 at no extra expense, too.

It looks charming, however is it tough?
Mike states the group has a great deal of Sekiro and Soulsborne fans on the dev group, and while the video game isn’t rather as much as FromSoftware application’s problem, gamers will be challenged on the greatest setting. On the other end of the spectrum, opponents won’t have the ability to one-shot you in many problem settings; you’ll have the ability to sustain one last sliver of health to provide you a combating possibility versus harder opponents. Ember Lab wished to make a video game that households might take pleasure in together, whether your household simply wishes to take pleasure in the story or is searching for harder fights.

This all noises excellent, however I don’t have a PlayStation. Am I out of luck? 
You’re not! It’s likewise concerning PC through the Epic Games Store. As for when, Ember Lab hasn’t pin down a particular release date, however you can anticipate to be playing it within a couple of months from now.