As a narrative category, sci-fi has endless possibilities. It incorporates distant principles like time travel, rampaging beasts, android assassins, and more. Even with all of that within reach, many sci-fi stories restrict their scope to checking out simply a couple of concepts. However, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim reveals no such restraint. It’s a complete, pulpy banquet that draws motivation from every corner of the sci-fi kingdom; it’s The War of the Worlds plus The Terminator plus Neon Genesis Evangelion plus numerous other popular media that would ruin crucial plot points if I discussed them. But here’s the most incredible part: It all interact.

The bonkers story and beautiful art are the piece de resistances in 13 Sentinels. It likewise has some tactical fight, however the video game is mostly a visual unique about a group of teens who pilot huge armored matches called guards. They do this to conserve the world from an intrusion of relatively alien monsters, however the characters likewise handle own individual drama along the method, browsing their relationships and desires in the middle of the looming crisis. I like how the tale slowly moves its focus, beginning with a familiar school-life setup prior to layering in the more extravagant advancements. For example, one woman has a crush on a cool brand-new trainee, while another befriends a mystical robotic. I won’t mess up any discoveries or surprises here, however I was eventually pleased by the journey. It often relies excessive on tributes instead of its own concepts, however even as a trip of popular sci-fi principles, the story is amusing.

Though you still advance through lots of discussion boxes, 13 Sentinels provides you more company than normal visual books offer. Your actions won’t alter the result, however I was still impressed by how modular the story is. Protagonists have their own arcs divided into chapters, and you can leap in between them easily. You can learn more about the woman consumed with U.F.O.s, then change to the young boy who enjoys kaiju motion pictures. My preliminary intent was to end up one whole arc prior to continuing to the next, however that isn’t possible; your development with some characters is contingent on satisfying other conditions, so you require to leave them partially completed and follow other threads. However, these traffic jams aren’t irritating. Instead, they develop secret and anticipation, often ending on cliffhangers that had me thrilled to open the next series.

Some character arcs can just continue when you have actually cleared particular fights, which is the other significant part of 13 Sentinels. You participate in tactical fight throughout various areas of the city, releasing rockets and lasers versus crowds of advancing opponents. The finest thing I can state about this entire mode is that it is mercifully inconspicuous; battles aren’t tough adequate to be a considerable barrier to your development (unless you set them to difficult), so you can rake through a lot of them and after that return to the story. I like the systems that support the fight, like buying and updating relocations for each of your 13 guards, however your time on the battleground doesn’t have the depth to make all that playing amazing.


The fight encounters aren’t even cool to enjoy since the tactical mode utilizes streamlined and generic representations that don’t do the action justice. It’s a pity the guards are frustrating when you’re in the cockpit, since their styles look incredible when you see them up close in the narrative project. In contrast to the aesthetically boring fights, the story scenes all include charming 2D illustration. You enjoy striking sundowns and go to relaxing houses filled with delicious-looking food, all while managing characters brought to life with elegant animations that reveal their characters. Stunning art is designer Vanillaware’s trademark, which custom continues here – as long as you aren’t in fight.

Vanillaware’s previous video games consist of fantasy-inspired fare like Odin Sphere, Muramasa, and Dragon’s Crown. With 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, the studio doesn’t simply dip its toes into sci-fi; it delves into the deep end with a story that takes motivation from the category’s most renowned works. While that doesn’t lead to the most initial plot, it is still an enjoyable and enthusiastic experience that integrates high-school drama and substantial robotics in a (primarily) stunning bundle.